Lloyd's Register and Flame Marine

On 1st February 2010, Flame Marine and Lloyd's Register announced that Lloyd's Register were launching a new service called FOBAS Engine which was developed around Flame Marine's Flame Diagnostic service. This is an exciting development for the shipping industry as one of the most respected voices in the community launches a new service based upon Flame Marine technology.

For Flame Marine, this partnership offers many benefits both directly and for its existing customers. From the viewpoint of Flame Marine, Lloyd's Register offers us access to experts in many fields, particularly in the area of fuel and fuel system diagnosis. Many of these experts also sit on or advise standards bodies on the future direction of the marine industry. Their detailed, and well respected, knowledge and overview will bring further capability to Flame Diagnostic and ratify the credibility of the system.

For our customers, this brings the reassurance that one of the major classification societies has evaluated and chosen to use the same technology that our customers have been using for many years. Additionally, Flame Marine can now draw upon a larger knowledge base to help solve technical issues and, if necessary, recommend or arrange Lloyd's Register experts to further investigate any issue that our customers may be having.

One question that we have been asked is

'What is the difference between Flame Diagnostic and FOBAS Engine'?

FOBAS Engine uses the Flame Diagnostic software system to:

  • Generate simplified reports for chief engineers
  • Provide an 8 point analysis with summary overview
    • Fuel oil quality
    • Scavenge Air Quality
    • Combustion Condition
    • Cylinder oil feed
    • Cylinder drain oil condition
    • Wear Conditions
    • System oil condition
    • Engine performance information
  • Comment more fully on the fuel system
  • Verify and validate the conclusions drawn
  • Provide a platform to develop and launch further FOBAS Engine focussed services

For existing and new Flame Marine customers, there is no change in their commercial relationship or service with Flame Marine and Lloyd's Register has no equity or management stake in Flame Marine. Technically, the partnership offers our customers with a greater depth of knowledge upon which to draw and a validation of the Flame Diagnostic service by Lloyd's Register whilst still maintaining the independent position and straight forward advice for which Flame Marine has become acknowledged.

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