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Why do we need this when oil companies say they offer the same service for free?

Our customers who have evaluated the 'free' offerings by oil companies have continued to used the Flame Diagnostic service. The service they have received from the oil companies is extremely limited in its depth. Indeed, it is so limited that few superintendents even bother to look at the results being generated.

In contrast, our customers take great interest in the results supplied by Flame Marine and frequently come back to us for further information or to ask us to expound on a point. As an independent company, you can be sure that you will always receive the best impartial advice from Flame Marine. In particular, we work very hard to minimise your costs related to Cylinder Oil Feed. This is clearly not in the best interest of the oil companies.

As a Chief Engineer, I feel that Flame Diagnostic threatens my job.

Flame Diagnostic has been created by Marine Engineers for Marine Engineers. It is designed to help you in what is a difficult job, by providing an in depth analysis of your engine in innovative and helpful ways. Flame Diagnostic it not a threat as it provides you with additional information, that you would not be able to get yourself, to pinpoint the units which need overhaul and to avoid wasting time doing needless unit overhaul. In this way, it helps you to keep your engines running for longer and at a lower operational cost.

Flame Diagnostic does nothing that I couldn't do myself.

As with many complex analyses, in simple cases the answers appear obvious. However, to assume that you can always apply the simple case is wrong and may cause severe engine damage. Flame Diagnostic has taken 10 years of dedicated research and over 50 years of experience by Flame Marine engineers to figure out what is actually going on inside the engine without 'lifting the pistons' and report the results of that back to you. The results are so well respected in the industry that oil companies and engine makers regularly use it for their own information and in support of their research and development; something that if it was simple, they would undertake themselves.

How do I get the most accurate results from Flame Diagnostic?

You need to ensure that you record your performance measurements accurately and that you take all of your samples and performance measurements at the same time and in the way prescribed by the Sampling Procedure. The majority of errors come when the data collected is not recorded accurately, samples are taken at a different time to the Performance data or are not collected in the correct way. Visit the downloads page for more information.